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Deep Inside

I hate celebrating my birthday.

You and Me Bucketlist <3

  • a ride in a ferris wheel with you
  • memorable wedding proposal
  • you singing for me

I also hate the fact that my mother sacrifices just because I can’t do it.

I just really hate the fact that I can’t make decisions by my own.

There is really no place like home.

She is in college right now and living in a small unit near her school. This place is too small for five people, too crowded for four people, and too spacious for three people. Its outside has one canteen and two laundry shops. There are also small stores, fast food chains, grocery stores, coffee and tea shops near by. This place is most likely safe because of its friendly guards by the gate. She said that this place is “almost” like home as she emphasized the word, almost.

Why? Because there is really no place like home, her real home.

She can’t stay there for a long time. Even though she didn’t cried in her first day there, it doesn’t mean that she’s not missing home, that she cannot feel homesickness. It’s just that before she made the decision of going to college far away from home, she set in her mind that a lot of things will be different, her environment will be different. she just readied herself. 

It’s too hard to leave the place where you grown up. Especially your home where your family and friends lives. She’s living in her unit for almost one and half years and she can honestly say that she’s not still used in living there. When she’s there, she wants to get her suitcases and packed her clothes, she wants to grab a box where all of her books will fit and she wants all of her stuffs to be back in her bedroom. She want to go to her home, her real home!

However, as she thinking to all of this, she still ended up on standing up and saying to herself that “Hey! I need to be strong! I am here because I want and need to learn! This is for my career, for my family, FOR MYSELF!”

And so she guess that her mind is right and so her heart. She chose this because she love herself. She want to explore and the only way to do it is to be far away from home. 

In the end, there is still no place like home but you need to think that you are doing a sacrifice for yourself.